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Editorial Boards of Scientific Publications

1989 - present Member, Editorial Board, Oral Medicine Section, Oral Surgery Oral Medicine Oral Pathology Oral Radiology and Endodontics
1990 - present Reviewer, Special Care in Dentistry
1992 - 1996 Reviewer, European Journal of Cancer Part B: Oral Oncology
1996 - present Member, Board of Editorial Consultants Oral Oncology
2000 - present Reviewer, CANCER: Interdisciplinary International Journal of the American Cancer Society
2005 - present Supportive Care in Cancer, Editorial Board
2005 - present Ad-hoc reviewer, Journal of Biomedical Optics
2006 - present Invited reviewer, Cancer, American Cancer Society
2006 - present Ad-hoc reviewer, Lancet
2007 - present Reviewer, Journal of Oral Pathology and Medicine
2007 - present Ad-hoc reviewer, Journal of Clinical Oncology
2007 - present Scientific Advisory Board, Endo Pharmaceuticals
2007 - present Member, Editorial Board: the Open Otorhinolaryngology Journal(ISSN1874-4282;
2007 - present Scientific Program Committee, 2nd World Congress of the International Academy of Oral Oncology, Toronto, July 8-11, 2010
2007 - present Ad-hoc reviewer, Cancer
2008 - present Reviewer, International Journal of Pediatric Dentistry
2008 - present Reviewer, Bone Marrow Transplantation
2008 - present Section Editor, Head and Neck Oncology
2008 - present Associate Editor-in-Chief (USA), Supportive Care in Cancer
2008 - present Reviewer, Archives of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
2008 - present Ad-hoc reviewer, Journal of Periodontology

Research: Completed Trials

Jun/78 - May/79 Clinical Investigation of Oral Candidiasis and Salivary Immunoglobulin; National Institute of Health, USA
Jun/79 - May/80 Clinical Aspects and Effects of Treatment on Host Parasite Interactions of Candida Albicans; NIH
Jun/81 - May/82 Oral Candidiasis: A Complication of Topical Steroid Therapy; Dean's MRC Fund
Jun/81 - May/82 Hepatitis B in Canadian Dentists; Dean's MRC Fund
Jun/81 - May/82 Effects of a Sialagogue (Sialor) on Saliva Flow and Saliva Composition in Humans; Dean's MRC Fund
Jan/84 - 1987 A Prospective Double Blind Clinical Trial of Benzydamine Hydrochloride
(Tantum) in Prevention and Management of Oral Mucositis Associated with Radiation Therapy; Riker 3M Canada
Jan/85 - Jan/90 Clinical Study of the use of Chlorhexidine in Patients with Malignant Hematologic Disease; Ayerst Canada
Jan/85 - 1987 Extraction of Teeth and Complication of Osteonecrosis in Patients Treated with Radiation Therapy in the Maxilla and Mandible
1986 - 1990 Topical Bleomycin in Management of Oral Leukoplakia; Bristol Meyers Co.
1987 - 1994 The Modification of the Radiation Effect on Salivary Function by ASA in Patients with Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma; Vancouver Foundation
Sep/88 - 1993 Double Blind Study of the Use of Sucralfate in Prevention of Radiation Mucositis; Nordic
1993 - 1994 A double-blind Comparison of Itraconazole Oral Solution and Fluconazole
Capsules for the Treatment of Oral Candidosis in AIDS patients. Phillips P,
Epstein J (investigators) Janssen Pharmaceutical
1993 - 2001 EGF and Oral Mucositis in Patients receiving Bone Marrow Transplantation. Epstein JB (investigator), Parke-Davis Pharmaceutical Research
1993 - 1997 A double-blind Crossover Trial of Oral Balance and Biotene Toothpaste
Versus Placebo in Patients with Xerostomia Following Radiation
Therapy. Epstein JB, Stevenson-Moore P, Le N (investigators). Laclede
Professional Products
1994 - 1997 Benzydamine HCL in the Prophylactic Treatment of Postradiation Oral Mucositis. Epstein JB (investigator), Angelini Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
1994 - 1998 Assessment of the Quality of Life and Oral Function in Cancer Patients
1995 - 2000 Loss of heterozygosity in premalignant and malignant oral lesions
1995 - 2000

Loss of heterozygosity in premalignant and malignant oral lesions Management of premalignant oral lesions

1995 - 2000 Assessment of toluidine blue rinse as an aid to clinical exam in the identification of recurrent or second primary cancers of the oral cavity and in biopsy site selection in patients with previous oral/oropharyngeal and other upper aerodigestive tract squamous cell carcinomas
1995 - 2000 Assessment of toluidine blue rinse as an aid to clinical exam in the identification of recurrent or second primary cancers of the oral cavity and in biopsy site selection in patients with previous oral/oropharyngeal and other upper aerodigestive tract squamous cell carcinomas
1996 - 1997 An open, multi-centre comparative study of the efficacy, safety and toleration of fluconazole oral suspension versus nystatin oral suspension in the treatment of oropharyngeal candidiasis in patients with malignancy
1997 - 2001 Acyclovir versus valacyclovir in the prevention of mucocutaneous herpes simplex virus infections in immunocompromised hosts: a randomized, single-blind trial
1997 - 2003 A randomized trial comparing fungizone oral suspension to nystatin oral suspension in prophylaxis or oropharyngeal candidiasis in bone marrow transplantation
1997 - 2005 Quality of life and Oral Function in Cancer Patients
1997 - 2005 Assessment of Bethanechol for treatment of hyposalivation in head and neck cancer patients
2000 - 2002 A multinational, multicenter, double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomised, Phase III Clinical trial to determine the efficacy and safety of IB-367 rinse in reducing the severity of oral mucositis in patients receiving radiotherapy for head and neck malignancy (Intrabiotics Pharmaceuticals)
2001 - 2002 Evaluation of Tolonium Chloride (Toluidine Blue) the detection of Locally Recurrent or New Primary Oral Cavity Cancers and Cancer In Situ (Zila Pharmaceuticals)
2003 - 2006 A Phase II multicenter double blind placebo controlled parallel group dose ranging study of the effects of RK-0202 on oral mucositis in patients receiving radiation therapy for carcinoma of the oral cavity oropharynx, or nasopharynx. RxKinetix Inc. Louisville, CO
2003 - 2004 A double blind randomized vehicle controlled study comparing the safety and efficacy of benzydamine hydrochloride 0.15% oral rinse including a separate open label standard of care arm in subjects with radiation induced mucositis. McNeil Pharmaceuticals, Ft Washington, Penn
2003 - 2005 Longitudinal evaluation of mucositis patient reported outcomes among individuals undergoing radiation therapy with or without chemotherapy for head and neck cancer. Amgen Los Angeles, CA
2003 - 2005 The use of oral speculoscopy with the adjunctive use of tolonium chloride vital staining. Vizilite Corp. Los Angeles CA
2004 - A dose escalating pilot trial to determine the topical dose of morphine sulfate most effective in reducing the pain of radiation induced oral mucositis
2005 - 2006 Evaluating the Cost of Care for Early and Late Stage Oropharyngeal Cancer in the California Medicaid Population. Department of Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA and Department of Oral Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences, College of Dentistry and Cancer Center, College of Medicine, University of Illinois, Chicago, IL. PI: Dr. M. Nichol; Investigators: JD Epstein, JB Epstein.
2006 - 2008 Risk and Outcomes Associated with Mucositis in Subjects Being Treated for Breast, Colorectal, Head and Neck, Non-small Cell Lung, and Ovarian Cancers,” Amgen. PI: Joel Epstein; Investigators: Joel Laudenbach, Dena Fischer, Gary Klasser, David Peace.
2006 - 2007 A Randomized Trial Comparing Preservation of Function Status After Either Medpulser(R) Electroporation with Intratumoral Bleomycin Therapy or Surgery in Patients with Locally Recurrent or Second Primary Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Base of Tongue, Posterior Lateral Pnaryngeal Wall, Hypopharynx or Larynx that Have Failed Primary Curative Therapy,” Genetronics. Principle Investigator: Mike Yao Co-Investigator: Joel Epstein.

Oral Medicine Interests

  • Prevention and Management of Acute and Chronic Oral Complications of Cancer Therapy and Survivorship in Radiation, Chemotherapy and Hematopoietic Cell Transplantaion
  • Early Recognition and Diagnosis of Oral Premalignant Lesions and Oropharyngeal Cancer
  • Molecular Change Associated with Oral Premalignant Disease, Oropharyngeal Cancer and Mucosal Damage and Repair
  • Prevention and Management of Acute Oral Complications in Radiation, Chemotherapy, Targeted Therapies and Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation
  • Oral complications in Cancer Survivors
  • Quality of Life and Oral and Maxillofacial Pain in Cancer Patients
  • Taste Function in Cancer Patients
  • Osteolytic inhibitors (bisphosphonates, antibodies) and bone necrosis 
  • Infectious Disease in Dentistry; Oral Candidiasis
  • Recognition and Management of Oral Manifestations in HIV Disease
  • Systemic Management and Management of Oral Disease Secondary to Hyposalivation
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Pain: Mucositis pain,Cancer pain, Temporomandibular Disroders, Burning Mouth Syndrome
  • General Areas of Oral Medicine
  • Cost of Care of Head and Neck Cancer

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